Introducing TBR Book Club

These Broads Read is a book club developed by none other than myself and Andrea from The Overstuffed Bookcase. Andrea has been mentioned here enough times that I consider her an unofficial contributor. And it’s true – she is an unofficial contributor to my blog. She’s contributed books and ideas and we’ve collaborated on a number of projects over the years.

This year has been, let’s say, a bit of a struggle for us both. With a new baby to occupy her already full life, Andrea’s reading and blogging hasn’t been what it was in the glory days (read: 2012-2013). For me, my best excuse is that I craft a lot and don’t usually enjoy audiobooks all that much. Basically, we don’t read like we did… but we do still read.

One day, not that long ago, we were comparing shelves via GoodReads‘ “compare shelves” feature. And we found that we have quite a few unread books in common that are actually on our physical shelves. So we decided to read some of those books together. We’ve done readalongs in the past where we included the entire book blogging community (remember Catch Wither Fever?) and those were great success. A few days later (because we’re slow about these things), TBR Book Club was born. We are in fact broads that read and the play on TBR was too good to pass up.

So, do you enjoy readalongs and discussing books with others? If so, you should totally join the TBR Book Club. Being a broad (a commonly used term with derogatory meaning) is not required. Simply be a reader, willing and interested in sharing your thoughts. For the time being, Andrea and I will be choosing the books we read but will definitely give advance warning.

Here are some details:

What: A book club, devoted to reading books and talking about them with other like-minded (or not) individuals

Why: Because we all have books we want to read, and like to share the experiences in a multifaceted kind of way

When: Bi-monthly discussions – currently, a month to read the book and another month to discuss

Where: The GoodReads TBR Book Club Group! Each book will have its own topic and the discussion will be divided evenly for the book

Who: You and me and Andrea

Currently, and for the months of July and August, we are reading This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales, a contemporary young adult novel that is proving to be an emotionally charged coming of age story. The discussion for this book will be taking place throughout the month of August. Since it’s a short book (under 300 pages), it’ll be relatively easy to read and participate even with the abbreviated schedule. Plus, it’ll allow us enough time to really get this online book club going. We’ll be announcing the September/October book at a later date.


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