About Me

Hey there, all! I’m taking a break from reading and such to tell you all a little about me. Figured some may want to know who it really is that’s writing these (ridiculous) reviews and posting (nonsense) about her life.

Well, my name is Ana Fuller ….. I am 28 years old (as of December 7, 2017) and my birthday is April 25 (same as Al Pacino, mentioned as “the perfect date” in Miss Congeniality). I grew up in Michigan, all over the state but moved to Virginia in the middle of my senior year at high school. At first I hated this state, but now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I attended Virginia Tech for my Bachelor of Science in Biology. I graduated in May of 2010, and yes (for those of you math-savvy people out there), I was a freshman on April 16, 2007. No, I will not tell you “what it was like”. I lost a friend that day and it’s still a touchy subject… Despite the tragedy, Virginia Tech is my favorite place on earth. Everyday I miss it. Everyday I miss my friends that are now scattered literally throughout the world.

I’m currently enrolled in a Master’s program to obtain my teaching license and Master’s degree so that I can teach young people science. Cause I love science.

I work as a Research Specialist and Technician at the University of Virginia for a lab in the department of Pharmacology. That’s a long way of saying, I take care of our research animals and I do the ordering. I really don’t like my job. My boss is amazing but I can’t relate to any of this. It’s way above my head and, as it turns out, I don’t have the anti-social-ness for research. So, my plan as now, is to attend The University of Mary Washington for my Masters in Education and Teaching License. I’ve come to the conclusion that teaching will be very rewarding for me. And it will allow me the schedule that I so desire to be an active participant in my family’s lives.

My family is a little… unorthodox, you could say. My mom is my best friend in the whole wide world. I have a younger brother who followed in my footsteps and is a senior at Virginia Tech this year. We fight almost constantly, especially when my mom is around. My dad is no longer in the picture, which is alright by me – my mom has been the only parent I’ve ever needed. My “dad” had a son before me so I have an older half-brother around somewhere. My mom’s third husband has been like a dad to me for the past 10 years or so. Despite their divorce, I still want him in my life so I suppose he is my dad, if not by blood. He has a daughter whom I call my sister. She is just two days younger than my brother and she lives in West Virginia with her husband and two beautiful little twin girls who are just over 18 months now. I have another “brother” so to speak. His name is Moose and he is a labradoodle. Sometimes, I think he is the most loved member of the family. He has more personality than some people I know and I miss him severely when I’m not home. My gigantic, 90lb little brother ball of fur.

Other than work and spending time with my friend, I read. Go figure. My genre of choice is historical fiction but I will read just about everything. My favorite authors include but are certainly not limited to: Diana Gabaldon, Paullina Simons, Maggie Stiefvater, Colleen McCullough, David McCullough, Kate Quinn, Ken Follett, Dan Brown and many, many, many others. If I don’t have my Kindle or a book in my hands, you’d know I’m having an off day. Unfortunately, my crazy life hasn’t let me read as I am so used to, but that’s gradually improving as I adjust my schedule and sacrifice a little sleep.

If I’m not reading, blogging or thinking about either of those two, I can probably be found cross-stitching. I’ve become a major fan of this needle art and am currently trying to find a balance between reading and stitching. Other than that, I like candlelit dinners, crazy football games, Virginia Tech anything and long walks on the beach. Oh, and roller coasters. And did I mention books?

As far as books are concerned, I read from a variety though these days I focus my attention on young adult fiction. My favorite genres in YA include dystopian, fantasy and contemporary, though at this point I’ll read just about anything I can get my hands on. I do also read adult books, from time to time and I mainly enjoy historical fiction or suspense novels

Speaking of sleep, I love sleep. Haha, it’s true. I am also a fan of shopping, eating and going to the movies. I love Biology and science in general (nerd alert!) as well as history and math. I want to be a writer so bad but fear that I’m not talented enough so a major goal in life is to publish a novel of some sort, probably set in Ancient Greece/Rome.

I love life and I am very excited to see what’s in the next chapter of my own. And now, I leave you with a quote. Happy Reading! : )